Skelton Braces

Dr. Aimee Skelton and the Skelton Orthodontics team are very proud to present the 2018-2019 Skelton SmileStar Semi-Finalists! Good luck to all of these beautiful smiles!

Voting Directions:
Anyone can vote for up to 10 contestants that they would like to see in the group of finalists. However, you must have a valid email address to submit with your votes. If you have more than one email address, you can use each one once. We do not allow fake emails to be used or email accounts created solely for the purpose of voting. This is monitored and failure to comply could result in disqualification.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook to be notified of updates on the contest like when there may be weeks where you can submit another vote or the finalist group is announced!

  • Aaron D.

    Aaron D.

  • Abby Grace S.

    Abby Grace S.

  • Anslee P.

    Anslee P.

  • Carol L.

    Carol L.

  • Cole F.

    Cole F.

  • Cooper R.

    Cooper R.

  • Dawson C.

    Dawson C.

  • Ellie G.

    Ellie G.

  • Ellie H.

    Ellie H.

  • Garrett E.

    Garrett E.

  • Hannah D.

    Hannah D.

  • Isaiah F.

    Isaiah F.

  • Justin H.

    Justin H.

  • Kaelan S.

    Kaelan S.

  • Kelsey C.

    Kelsey C.

  • Kylie S.

    Kylie S.

  • Lindsey C.

    Lindsey C.

  • Lizzi-Kate W.

    Lizzi-Kate W.

  • Logan M.

    Logan M.

  • Matthew L.

    Matthew L.

  • Shelby J.

    Shelby J.

  • Sommer G.

    Sommer G.

  • Summer W.

    Summer W.

  • Taylor H.

    Taylor H.

  • Tori W.

    Tori W.

  • Zeb J.

    Zeb J.